Remedy Maker

What is Dynamis RM 03?

remedymaker1 Remedy MakerDynamis RM 03 is a workshop apparatus used for preparing additional homeopathic drugs that can be used when one is not in a position to acquire those traditionally prepared. Experience goes to show that drugs prepared in such a manner are effective as expected.

How does it work?

The apparatus is used by pouring the substance adequate for the drug. One presses in the numbers in accordance with the codebook used by homeopaths and holding the 0/1 button for 3 seconds.

The buttons of the potentiometer are marked with code numbers from 0 through 10. There are 9 of these buttons on the Dynamis RM 03 sequenced from left to right and downwards. The first row of numbers contains 4 buttons, the second row another 4, while there is one (the ninth one) button in the third row.

When one inserts the code number from the codebook, they start from the first button (uppermost left) and thereupon insert the remaining codes in proper order.

Should the code contain fewer than 9 code numbers, then the remaining buttons are to be left at zero (0).

The third row also contains:

  • The button for determining the potency level from 1 to 999 (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 15, 30, 50, 100, 200, 999)
  • The potency button ranging from X to LM (X, C, M, MM, M3, M4, M5, LM)
  • Alongside these buttons, there is the 0/1 key button which is to be pressed and held for 3 seconds upon determining the potency and entering the required code number.

The substance should be poured into the lower container in plastic or glass vials. The upper container is for the purpose of “copying” the substance and therefore the sample that is to be copied is placed in it. At this point, the potentiometer buttons used to enter code numbers are to be left at zero while the buttons determining the potency level are to be defined. When one wants to diminish the potency of a ready-made substance, they place it in thelower container, leave the code numbers at zero, set the potency at LM and the potency level at 999, press the 0/1 key button and hold it for about 15 seconds.

The already existent natural forms of crystals and biological systems form morphogenetic fields. The chaotic system influenced by morphogenetic fields produces fractals which are the patterns for the production of new forms. They carry equally in every one of their details information about the whole. In the chaotic system of the container the apparatus creates a morphogenetic field and produces fractals under its influence accordingly to the pattern of a certain natural form. The morphogenetic field of a certain form is then transferred to the substance used by homeopaths to produce the drug.