Homeopathy is a treatment based on the rule of similarity – Similia Similibus Curantu (Similia Similibus Currentur) which translates to “let like be cured by the like”.

samuelhaneman HomeopathyThis rule was defined by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann,over 200 years ago.

Looking back to the three historical moments there had been the three philosophers that had lived and created their philosophies respectively: Thales, Buddha and Confucius. Thales opened the door for the European philosophy from its Greek to the modern period on the basis of the question: What is constantly and eternally changing? In the Ancient Greek period, Hippocrates also set the basis to the wisdom of treatment thus homeopathy traces back to this period and is one of the two traditional methods of treatment in Europe.

Today, homeopathy is a treatment applied by more than 30 million Europeans according to the Information Network of the European Union for the Complementary Medicine.

Serbia became a part of the health system in 2005 (The Health Care Law, Article No. 235).
Today, homeopathy is generally present on all continents.

Homeopathy is also said to be a holistic treatment method, however, what does holistic mean?
It means that, based on the holistic treatment method, certain organs and organ systems are not taken separately but as a part of the organism in its entirety.

The most crucial reasons for using homeopathy are:

  1. There are no unwanted side effects.
  2. Being a holistic method.
  3. Patients can easily use it as first aid for treating problems.
  4. Easily applicable means benefiting the patient.
  5. Homeopathic means gingerly bring the patient’ state back into balance.

Other than being available in pharmacies, homeopathic means can be home made by the very patients.

Homeopathic means – drugs, are made out of natural substances. The substance is gradually watered down and shaken forcefully. The process is called potentiation. Homeopaths usually have the apparatus for the preparation of the remedies, for often they are not in the position of acquiring the substances they need from a pharmacy or nature. The results of homeopathic means (drugs) prepared in such a manner are as expected.